Monday, September 24, 2007

Understanding The Mind Of Your Prospect

Let’s continue the discussion on how to prospect for individuals for your Multi-Level Marketing business that have those abilities and drive to succeed. Together we can see how to discover which would come closer to being that superstar we are all looking for. As I told you before I am a handwriting expert and I am showing how to look at a person’s handwriting and be able to pick out those qualities necessary to become that shining star.

How The Mind Works

How the mind works is evident in a person’s handwriting. I am not talking about intelligence, just how their mind works on a day-to-day basis. You have known people who handle situations differently than you would. For instance if an emergency comes up, are you the type who is calm and steady ready to take action? You know who to call, make sure you have the insurance card, call to have someone take care of any other children or maybe an infirm parent. You are methodical and careful, knowing what to do and do it well. This is called the accumulative mind, that individual who thinks before they leap; they never jump into anything without first going over in their mind what the consequence may be. They accumulate information and put it on the back burner to go over and study at a later date. Careful is a good way to describe this individual. In that emergency I mentioned, the person with the accumulative mind has already gone over everything that would be needed, just in case.

A person who’s mind works this way will have handwriting that will show in the “m” the retracing going down and coming back up to make the rounded part of the letter. The line will follow the downward stroke back up all the way to the top to make the rounded top and then again will retrace the next part of the letter going down. The top is always rounded.

Analytical – The Ultimate Human Scale

The next mind stroke is the analytical trait, that person who always looks at a situation from all angles, weighs the pros and cons, is not satisfied with knowledge acquired by others, prefers to do their own research. This person is the one who knows going in, what is expected. They have read all information available to them, studied the compensation plan, knows exactly what is needed to collect all benefits, and has a plan in mind to become the top earner.

Break It Down

For the analytical stroke we again go to the “m” It will have points top and bottom, no rounded tops, no retracing, look for the inverted “v” If you turn the paper upside down you will see the inverted “v” also.

If the stroke is consistent through out the handwriting they may spend too much time analyzing and miss an opportunity because they hesitated.

Comprehensive Mind – Thinking Fast On Their Feet

The next stroke is the comprehensive mind, that individual who thinks fast on their feet, their mind works very fast. They make quick decisions, anticipating what will be said next and ready with a response when speaking with someone. Their mind flows, usually make excellent public speakers due to the ability, like chess, to think ahead three or four moves. They know how to manipulate a conversation, but many times they will miss an important detail in the conversation because they were thinking ahead as to what they were going to say next.

Break It Down

To find the comprehensive stroke look for needles. Anywhere you see a sharp needlelike point on the top of the “m” and ”n” and the base line stroke will be rounded up not an inverted v. As you begin to learn what to look for you will find the needles in other letters, but for now lets stick to just the "m" and "n".

Combination Strokes – Those That Have It All

Now let’s cover the combination strokes, those words that have a combination of all three mind strokes throughout the writing. That person who is able to move from one thought process to another with ease without breaking stride or getting upset. If the person is concentrating on something important that involves slow careful thinking and someone comes up and interrupts, they are able to change their thinking quickly answer the question asked and then return to what they were doing. Or if their mind is going full speed ahead, thinking fast on their feet, and a question is asked that requires a detailed answer. They are able to switch quickly, slow their thinking down, answer in detail, then resume the fast pace. This is a person that doesn’t let anything get the best of them, they have an answer for everything and their mind is creative. When you see a combination of all three strokes you know this person has all the abilities you are looking for. Don’t misunderstand; I’m not saying you should only sign people with the combination strokes, because each mind set is important in its own right. I would love to sign any one of the others if they have the strong traits I have covered so far.

Break It Down

When looking for the combination strokes look at all the writing, it will show up in the “m” “n” “r” “h” and even “s”. You will see the rounded tops, the inverted “v” and the needlepoints throughout. Mostly it will be in the “m” with the first stroke rounded, the second stroke v shaped and the third will have the needle. Then farther in the same word you will see rounded tops or inverted “v”.

Learn to look at all the writing and evaluate it in terms of what you are looking for in a business partner.

I hope the samples were a help to you in understanding what you are looking for. Please remember everyone’s handwriting looks different, you have to learn how to isolate each stroke.
We will cover persistence, initiative, and organizational ability next time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Does Your Prospect's Handwriting Show Determination?

If you have been following my articles, you know that we covered enthusiasm, goals and stubbornness. What else would you say is important in having a person that will stay with you and make the effort to continue in the task of seeking success? I can think of a few, such as good oral expression, organizational ability and determination. However, there is one trait that is very important to note. This is a trait that INTENSIFIES all others and makes them seem stronger.

The Smaller The Better – Giving Measure To Focus

If a person has strong concentration in their personality they will write very small. That’s it, that’s all you have to look for in the writing. Small writing, the smaller the writing the more concentration they have and any other trait they show will be intensified. This stroke can balance a less than desirable trait, such as a lack of high goals. For example, if they consistently cross their “t” just above the middle of the stem or even sometimes right below the middle, your first impression might be “no” goals, or goals that aren’t very high. But if the writing is small, any goals that person possessed will be better able to be realized through concentration. This rule applies to all personality traits found in the person. Writing small will help anything you see in the personality become more defined.

Determination – The Mainstay of The Network Marketer

The next stroke we will cover is determination, that individual who is determined to complete the task at hand what ever it may be, they will want to be the best at what they do. They will go out of their way to turn in the most comprehensive report at work, be the best baseball player on their team, run the farthest and fastest if in track, and sign up the most reps if in a network marketing business. This will be the most important thing for them, to succeed in whatever they set their mind to.

Look at the sample of handwriting and look at the small “y” “g” and “j”. On the down stroke that goes below the base line, there will be no loops, it will be just a strong down stroke ending instead of continuing up with the loop. The longer the stroke, the stronger the determination. You will find many samples that have the down stroke much darker than the rest of the writing and have a loop that is much lighter in color, this also demonstrates determination, just not as intensely.

I Should Have Known

When my son was in high school he was on the soccer team and as Mom’s generally do, I spent many hours sitting and watching his games. I noticed one day he was limping when he wasn’t running. For three or four games across several days, the same thing happened. When I asked him about it he just smiled and blew me off (as young men will generally do). It wasn’t until the last game that he admitted to me he had an ingrown toenail. When I looked at his toe I was astonished at how red and swollen it was. How on earth could he have run on that foot, much less kicked the ball game after game? He was one of the best players the coach had and he was determined to finish the season before going to a Doctor to have it looked at. Needless to say, when I stopped to think about it I looked at his handwriting and saw the long down stokes on his “y” and “g”. Focus and determination!
Let’s recap what we have so far…

  • Enthusiasm, long strokes on the cross bar of the “t”
  • High goals, cross bar of the “t” placed high on the stem
  • Practical goals, cross bar of the “t” placed in the middle of the stem
  • Stubborn, inverted v strokes between the up stroke and down stroke of the “t”
  • Concentration, small writing
  • Determination, strong down strokes on the “y” “g” and “j”
These are the strokes we have covered so far and are strokes that can be discussed without visual references. From now on we will need to actually see a sample of the writing to understand what you are looking for. Next we will cover oral expression, thinking fast on your feet, and initiative.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Qualities To Look For In Prospects

Have you ever met someone and wished you were able to read his or her mind? To know without a doubt they had the abilities to accomplish those things important to succeed in life? That’s the beauty of reading handwriting, its not physic ability, in fact, there is nothing physic about it. It has a set of rules that never falters or fails. This is due to the study of stroke structure that has been studied for years by M.N. Bunker the leader of Grapho Analysis. You know when you look at a stroke and you are familiar with what that stroke means, you can tell up to 2000 personality traits. While we can’t cover all 2000 strokes, I will cover those necessary to determine if you are looking at the handwriting of a potential “go-getter” or “superstar” for your MLM business.

In a recent article titled “Use Handwriting Analysis To Help You Prospect”, I covered Enthusiasm, which is long firm strokes on the cross bar of the “t” and high goals which is the cross bar placed high on the stem. Now let’s take the high goals one step farther.
If the cross bar of the small “t” is consistently placed very high on the stem, you know the individual has their dreams in the forefront of everything they do. The law of cause and effect comes into play, every decision concerning their future made by the individual is calculated to be the best possible end results.

Avoid The Dreamers – Even If The Enthusiasm Stroke Is Present

Now let’s look to see if the cross bar is crossed right above and not touching the stem, this means they are dreamers and sometimes they do not have the ability to make those dreams become reality. Below, you can see a sample that shows the "dreamer: stroke:

We would have to look at a combination of several strokes to determine if those abilities are present. I’ll go into those strokes in a future article. If they have an assortment of cross strokes, for instance if they cross the stem about middle way up some of the time, they have a practical side that will influence how they handle a situation. Caution will raise its ugly head and stop them from doing what they really want to do; fear takes over and causes them to wait on a decision that in their heart they know is important. This is where your ability to reach that emotional button comes into play, for you to say the one thing they want to hear. If you have listened and I mean really listened when you spoke with them you will know what it is they want out of life. Be creative and touch that emotional cord to override their fear.

A sample that demonstrates the practical person is shown below:

Stubbornness – Other Important Trait

The next personality trait we will cover the stroke structure for is stubbornness. You know this type of person, someone who will not give up even if the answer is a resounding *no*. They are determined to succeed, no matter what is thrown at them. This trait demands of them to stay with something over and over again until finished.

Again we look at the small “t”. The beginning stroke starts at the base line, goes up to make the stem then starts down to finish the letter. As the down stroke starts out, it separates from the up stroke and begins to make an inverted “v”.

Imagine someone standing with their arms crossed with their legs apart in a stance that says “I will not fail or quit” Look for the inverted “v”, between the up and down strokes. The larger the “v”, the more stubborn that person is. This stroke can also be found in the small “d”. It may also be found at the end of the word or any other place in the writing. You are looking for the stroke structure of the inverted “v” only.

Learn To See With New Eyes

It is important for you to look at a lot of samples and see the different ways people make their “t”. Use your friends and families handwriting samples to practice recognition of these important traits. For years while I was studying, I would look at my kid’s handwriting and always had something to say about their personality. It got to the point where they would type notes to me instead of writing, then ruin it all by signing their name. But in the end they started bringing home samples from their friends so they could get some insights into the personality of those around them.

Please check back soon for the next installment. I hope you are enjoying reading this as much as I am enjoying explaining it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Use Handwriting Analysis To Help You Prospect

I told you before I was a handwriting analyst, but let me explain what that means. I have spent years in school and thousands of dollars in training to be able to look at a sample of handwriting and determine a lot about the person that wrote it. I have undergone testing and certification to be allowed to testify in court as an expert witness in fraud or bad checks cases. Most people don't realize that even attempts to "change" their handwriting are unsuccessful, since the "strokes" are still there. It might look different, but an expert can still tell.

I have also worked extensively with Human Resource departments to help "pre-qualify" a potential employee into a specific position. Employers use this screening process to keep a shy person out of the outside sales job or someone with no organizational skills out of the office manager position. They also wouldn't want the outgoing gegarious type in a closed office environment with no outlet for all that personality. I have worked with local police departments to help find the best potential candidates for this important job. Obviously, they wanted to avoid someone who can't control anger or will let ego get in the way of protecting the public.

I also mentioned in the previous article that I had come up with the idea to identify and look for certain personality traits in potential reps for your MLM business. If you could look at someone’s handwriting and know that person was someone you *want* working with you, would you try it? To spend just a few minutes looking for certain stokes that will give you the advantage over others in your field, whatever your field happens to be? I want to teach you how to do this. While I can't make you an expert with these few articles, I can give you the building blocks for determining certain personality traits that are key to network marketing success.

Getting A Sample Of Handwriting

The first thing you will need is a sample of that person's handwriting. You might have to get a little inventive to come up with ways to obtain one. Below are a few ideas you can use.
If you work in an office and are attempting to find out about someone there, try this.
There is always someone passing around a card for everyone in the department to sign for many different reasons; birthday, someone leaving, congratulations, or an upcoming wedding. All you have to do is make sure you are the last one to sign your name, that way you will have the sample from everyone in the office, and can then take the card to the copy machine and make a copy. The trick is for you to be the one to buy the card so you start the process by handing it out, and choose one that has a lot of space to write. Remember to keep the receipt for your taxes.

If you come across someone outside the office environment that you want to consider, try this.
Put several questions on a form, things like:

  • "Tell me if you had all the money that you feel is necessary to live comfortably, what else you would use your excess income for?"
  • "Have you owned a business before or wanted to start a home based business, and if so what was your biggest challenge? Why?"
  • "How much money do you think is necessary to invest in your business each month?"

Ask questions that are not yes or no answers, you want them to write so make your questions something they want to answer. This is the key to getting a good sample of handwriting. Give them the questionnaire and ask them to fill it out overnight. Set up an appointment for later in the week. This will give you time to study their handwriting and determine their strong points, things to stay away from while talking to them and the keys on how to approach them on an emotional level. You want to push their emotional buttons that will spark the desire to really succeed.

Another method you can try; when you approach a potential customer or rep tell them you are learning how to read handwriting from an e-book and you need an assortment of samples so you can compare different strokes. Tell them to write "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country". Another excellent phrase to use is "I came, I saw, I conquered" and then sign with their standard signature. These few words have the strokes necessary for you to learn traits like humor, independence, organization abilities, pride, vanity, oral expression, loyalty, determination, generosity, how their mind works, initiative, enthusiasm, high goals, stubbornness, analytical ability, self consciousness and concentration, to name just a few.

Learning To Read Personality Traits Through Handwriting

Ok, so now you know you can tell multitudes of personality traits from the handwriting. Now let’s teach you how to look for those traits and determine which individual you are looking for in the perfect prospect to join your team in your MLM business. You can also use this skill to know how to best approach them in your sales pitch.

Let’s begin with the letter "t". The small letter "t" is the grapho analyst’s most important letter. There are over 30 personality traits to be found in the "t". How its crossed, long or short, slanting up or down with a hook on the beginning or ending. Whether it’s crossed on the stem close to the base line or in the middle of the stem or above the stem. I will go over each one with you and include a sample of how it looks.

Let’s assume one of the most important traits an individual will need is enthusiasm. That individual who has the ability to excite people around them. Imagine someone with their arms open wide and like a ball sweeps people along with them in their excitement. That ability to make you want to get involved and talk to others, to share, to teach, to succeed. You have your sample of handwriting so look at the cross bar of the"t". Sweeping left to right it should be long and firm, the longer the stroke the greater the individual enthusiasm. The heavier the stroke the greater the force of that trait.

The "t" also shows a person's goals, someone who has dreams of becoming successful. Look at where the cross bar is placed, it should be above the middle of the stem almost to the top. The higher it’s placed on the stem the higher the goals.

Some samples that demonstrate this trait are shown below. Focus on the "t" within each word:

This is all I’m going to go over for now. Look at your friends and families small "t". See if you can tell how enthusiastic they are and if they have high goals. Remember, long firm stroke and placed high on the stem.

We will continue with the small "t" next time.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thinking Outside The Box

Are you currently involved in a MLM and not having the success you would like to have? I have been in several network marketing companies over the years, and if I had to come up with the one thing I would do differently, it would be to *not* just sign up everyone I could. Some people have what it takes to be a superstar, but almost 85%-90% do not. So, what good does it do you to sign up those that want something for nothing? MLM’ing is hard work; you can’t just sit back and wait for something to happen. You have to seek people out, talk to them, find out what they want out of life, and find out if they are willing to put forth some effort. Until you do that and make up your mind you have to help them to achieve their dreams, your business, as well as theirs, will fail. Mentoring is a big part of MLM. To teach, to help anyway you can, to sacrifice your time, to make learning a part of your daily activities.

I have been going over things in my mind that I could do that will make me a success. I know me, and getting people to meetings is not one of my strong points. In fact, I have failed miserably in that department, as have those that I have signed in the past.

The answer was right there in front of me all along, the network – i.e. the Internet. What better way to reach people than through the Internet. As soon as I had this revelation, along comes Nussentials, a great company with excellent products and a killer compensation plan. Now, all I had to do was figure out a way to bring my handwriting analysis expertise and my night-time passion of network marketing together and put them on the “net”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

I spent many days and nights turning this idea over in my mind. There had to be a way. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks… help network marketers find business builders by teaching them to evaluate the handwriting of their prospects, before they signed on the dotted line.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to find a superstar? What characteristics does a person need to be successful in this business? Good oral expression comes to mind. Someone able to get a point across and think fast on their feet, able to anticipate what will be said and be ready with a response. Determination also comes to mind. Someone who says “I will stay with this and I enjoy being around people”. Someone who is not shy, has high goals and the ability to make their goals a reality. Someone who is stubborn and won’t easily give up. initiative and willing to try new things, someone looking for knowledge. Someone who is naturally analytical and doesn’t necessarily accept knowledge acquired by others. A sense of humor is also a must. Someone able to laugh at themselves. Another real strong trait a superstar would have would be enthusiasm, that ability to get everyone around him or her excited and involved. Good organization skills are a requirement as is compassion.

When I realized I had a blueprint of the ideal superstar in front of me, I knew I had to figure out a way to teach this to other network marketers. So, over the next few weeks, I will be creating a series of articles that detail stroke structure, how to identify these traits and make that knowledge work for you. Stay tuned…